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Sue Renadè

Sue is a respected artist with many years experience in a number of mediums and styles. Sue's artistic expertise covers everything from oil paintings, murals, to pen and ink engravings.

Sue is an experienced artist and illustrator who has the ability to visually enhance historical documentation so that the reader can see what was recorded so long ago. She turns words into pictures. This ability enables children to understand what Tasmanian Aboriginal culture was like when the Traditional Ancestors were alive.

Sue says 
"I was asked to illustrate the following book because Worawee liked my art work, and she felt that I had an artistic style that could best visualise how she was rediscovering the Traditional Tasmanian Aboriginal People's lifestyle. I am a woman of English birth, but I am also the mother of Aboriginal children. The children's father is a child from a free Aboriginal woman whose genealogy is lost in the shame factor of Tasmania's past.

In my pictures I have tried to give a realistic interpretation of the written accounts according to how the early Europeans would have seen the Traditional Tasmanian Aboriginal People before their way of life was taken from them. It is impossible to know exactly how they really lived and what their every day utentsils were like.

I have used the knowledge shared with me by Worawee, and by interpreting her knowledge of the environment in past times and European accounts. I feel that we have visualised a lifestyle without the stereotype that is so often reproduced by non-Aboriginal writers and illustrators."



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