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Kaye McPherson (B.Sc. Hons)

Cultural historian, and Historical geographer. Founder of the Publishing House.

Kaye has a Bachelor of Science in Geography and Environmental Studies and a double Major in Physical Geography and Aboriginal Studies, combined with two minor majors in Geology and Tasmanian History.  Her academic qualification also include a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Historical Medical Geography.  She is currently studying for a Master of Science by Research at the University of Tasmania. The research is on "Early Industries in Tasmania Between 1642 and 1830 and Their Impact on the Environment".

She is an accomplished speaker able to address groups of differing sizes and educational backgrounds. Kaye had been one of the visiting speakers for Aboriginal Education in Tasmania since 1994, speaking to schools as the Cultural Storyteller. 

In 1996 she was the visiting curator for the Tasmanian Museum and Art Galley. It was at this time, in conjunction with the museum, she held an exhibition during NAIDOC Week determining the Traditional Tasmanian Aboriginal lifestyle. 

The valuable information recorded within the display encouraged requests by people interested in obtaining a written copy of the material that was discussed. After writing an initial draft she approached the Tasmanian Aboriginal Education Association about them being published and made available for the schools. 

It was then that the appalling aspects of the Tasmanian Aboriginal politics became evident and the publishing house was born. Information about the politics in Tasmania can be found on the "Present" link of the main index.

Kaye is an experienced archival researcher and historian of two cultures, and offers an Aboriginal academic perspective of Tasmanian and Australian History. For over twenty years prior to attending university she undertook a variety of historical research projects both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal. She has written a number of historical books dealing with a wide variety of Australia's non-Aboriginal history as well as several children's stories.

An accomplished speaker at conferences, workshops and school groups, Kaye has also lectured at the University of Tasmania on Aboriginal history and Aboriginal Archaeology. She has many years experience as a writer and has written 17 books. Kaye also writes regular articles about Tasmania's nineteenth century history for The Eastern Shore Sun, and has her own column entitled "Yesterday With Kaye". Besides being the only Tasmanian Aboriginal Historical Geographer, Kaye is fast becoming a specialist in Colonial Van Dieman's Land, as Tasmania was once called.

 This specialisation has added an additional wealth of information to her already extensive Aboriginal Cultural knowledge.


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