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Emma Wilson "Worawee"

Emma  is a Tasmanian Aboriginal author who uses the pseudonym "Worawee" to write the Tasmanian Aboriginal Cultural Series. She writes from the perspective of her great-grandmothers view of the Traditional Aboriginal culture before the invasion of Europeans.

Worawee is the Traditional name I gave to my great grandmother Emma Wilson. The historical books dealing with the culture of the Traditional Tasmanian Aboriginal People is her heritage to me.

 It is for this reason that I cannot put my name to her history and her culture. I am extremely proud of the heritage that Emma left to me and the Ancestry that she bequeathed to my family through my father. I believe that her gift to me was an all consuming desire to rediscover the past and the ability to retell our history as it really was, not as non-Aboriginal people insist it must have been.



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