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Betty Hill (Dip. Ed)

Betty is a retired teacher who brings over thirty years experience into our education publications.

Betty has had a long and successful career in educating children in the art of learning. Her expertise has helped children to realise that learning is fun - not boring. Her teaching experience has covered many of the changing styles within the Tasmanian Educational system. It is her experience of how children learn and the type of information that appeals to children that has given the teacher's kit and teaching resources such an effective impact on children learning non fictional information.

Even after ten years retirement Betty is still a remembered and well respected teacher by past Principles and staff. Even past students still remember Betty with great affecion, often reminiscing about when she taught them. It is the knowledge that older members in the community bring to any orgaisation which ensures a balance between the past and the present. Too often the wisdom and knowledge gleaned over a lifetime is not considered relevant by many organisations in today's society with its fixation on youth. Betty is a much respected senior member of our educational team.


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