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Educational Services

We supply many options for you to get to know our culture. We can provide written material, guest speakers, tours, and more. The services we offer are all based firmly in a reconciliation platform. There can be no reconciliation without education.

Teaching Resources: To share the culture of the Ancestors, we offer a variety of teaching resources suitable for all educational levels from primary to college. Children are the future in all cultures. 

On this page:

  • Academic Works
    Tasmanian Aboriginal culture is normally written from a non-aboriginal archaeological / anthropological perspective. We offer a Tasmanian Aboriginal view of our history from a historical / geographical perspective.

  • Guest Speakers
    As our teaching has always been oral, we have elders, Historians, and Storytellers who visit schools, colleges, universities, groups, conferences, and organisations to share our culture. If you are teaching Aboriginal Studies, we can supply a speaker to suit your needs.

  • Educational workshops
    Our "hands on"  approach can be tailored to a specialised request, an open forum, or a structured series of workshops designed to dispel the myths about our cultural heritage.

  • Aboriginal Studies Workshop
    a 12 hour program over 6 weeks covering many topics.

  • Cultural Excursions
    Visits to historic and cultural sites in southern Tasmania

Academic Works

Coming soon:

An authoritative work on Tasmanian Aboriginal art forms entitled:

Art and the People: Is There a Correlation Between Tribal Boundaries and Rock Art. By Kaye McPherson (BSc Hons)

Guest Speakers

Manuta Tunapee Puggaluggalia offers guest speakers for conferences, including workshops designed specifically for your conference and speakers for schools. . Visiting speakers for conferences are available for 30 minute or one hour sessions. We have a speaker suited to your needs.

Our speakers have a range of qualifications from Community Elders, qualified teachers to historians and academics.

In the past we have spoken at schools, taken classes, spoken at The First Settlers Association, been guest speakers at Conferences, and given lectures at universities. We have held workshops at Educational Conferences in NSW, Community conferences in Queensland and Tasmania. Been part of Expos. Our fees are reasonable and our tailored package can be designed by you.

We also offer excursions to Aboriginal sites in Tasmania which have cultural significance. Speakers and workshops can be designed to suit a school or organization.

Contact us for discussions about holding a workshop or conference and costing details

Educational workshops

Workshops can be designed to your special needs. We offer a one hour or a two hour workshops. Choose from the selection below or request a special topic.

  • Cultural differences within the community Learn about the politics and problems facing the Tasmanian Aboriginal community today
  • Traditional art There were many different art forms practiced by the Ancestors, discover the different styles and mediums
  • House building The Ancestors houses were a complex structure which was copied by the early invader
  • Music Tasmanian Aboriginal music was very different to that performed by our mainland cousins.

Costs For schools: $75 per hour plus travel. (this includes reference material)

Cost for other Organizations : On application.

Bookings are Essential.  Get in touch with us by one of the methods listed on our Contact Page.

Aboriginal Studies Workshop

We offer a non confronting 2 hour adult evening program over 6 weeks on Aboriginal History, as part of the Lia Pootah Communities reconciliation policy. The topics include Traditional lifestyles, Alienation of land, The Myth of Robinson's round up, Tasmanian Aboriginal Culture today. All the workshops include question and answer times.

Cost $77 per person.

Bookings are Essential.  Please get in touch with us by one of the methods shown on our Contact Page.

Cultural Excursions

We take both schools and small private groups to visit cultural and historical sites.

Understanding the Ancestors lifestyle and needs is important when visiting a site. Nothing exists in isolation, and the ancestors interaction with the land at a site helps understand their culture.

School group cultural excursions cost $50 per hour with the school supplying the transport and accommodation when required. 

We also cater for private organizations or groups, and can provide transport if required. Contact Us to dicuss pricing.


Visit Bedlam Walls - and see the stone tool mine and 'habitation cave' - Visit an Ochre Quarry - Consider middens and coastal regions

Extended tours offer Aboriginal art sites and cultural centers.

Discuss your personally designed Tasmanian Aboriginal Cultural Historical tour with us. Contact us for more details.


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