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Family history is what makes us who we are, it is not for others to determine that they want us to be some one else.  It becomes problematic when employees of the State Archives Office openly work for the TAC.

QUOTE “they are a government affiliated department so we give them the same help we give a government department” UNQUOTE

Though documentation supplied by the archives has been shown in court to be inaccurate and misleading. 

Even letters they write in claiming accurate information is wrong (See Archives Part1 and Part 2 )

The newspapers ‘scream’ all information about your Aboriginality documentation can be found in the archives and this is a lie.  How can documentation be collated if it was never recorded. 

Then there is the problem of the TAC and affiliated associations like the Department of Aboriginal Affairs who take delight in sending letters disclaiming your heritage with out confirming the information is valid. 

Winning a court case means nothing to them.  That you are not part of their Ancestral heritage appears to spur them on to even greater lengths of discrimination and inaccurate claims. See Part 1 and Part 2.

We have the right to be who we are.  It is time that the broader population accepted facts that the radical power brokers of the Bass Straight Islanders do not want to be made public.

·      Robinson’s round-up is a lie

·  Only a small pathetic few went to Flinders Island

·  Less than nine women with no recorded Aboriginal Ancestral heritage or Aboriginal names were recorded on the Bass Strait Islands living with sealers prior to 1840 (outside of Plomley’s version of Robinson’s diaries)

·  At least three documented accounts record Tasmanian Aboriginals living a free Traditional life style in isolated areas after 1840.

History is there to be told it is not there to be covered up because of exclusivity - greed - and power.

Real Tasmanian Aboriginal people want what is best for their people and to enhance the memory of their Ancestry.  The “white fella power plays” are not ours.

The TAC - Tasmanian Aboriginal Lands Council - ALC spokespersons continues to alienate the broader population from the real Tasmanian Aboriginal people.  Divide and conquer is the policy of the TAC and has been since 1996.  Aboriginal cultural heritage encourages us to support and strengthen our community not publicly destroy and humiliate its members.

With the Lands Council Election the other person to fight the tyranny of the TAC lost the court case with claims that she is not Aboriginal and only thinks she is.  How does this type of misleading public claim affect the members of her family some of whom are respected Aboriginal Elders in their communities.  What she did not realise was that the only way to win in the Supreme Court was to be able to “prove” descent from the Bass Strait Islands.  It was a legally rigged case.

Denying our Aboriginal heritage on trumped up quasi rigged legal definitions implaced by one power group does not remove who we are or deny us our heritage it only shows what a racist bigoted ignorant and unAboriginal lot the Bass Straight Islander power brokers are. 

This radical few do such an injustice to the majority of members of their own communities.  Many of their community people have respect within the entire Aboriginal communities, and many do not agree with what is stated in their name.

Is it any wonder Aboriginal politics in Tasmania has a high burnout factor, when if you “pass your used by date” you are thrown away with claims that you are now not Aboriginal.  The politics do not stop us being who we are it only strengthens us and causes the fight to continue less publicly.


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