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Teachers Kits

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We have produced Teaching kits suitable for Primary and Secondary school students.

These kits cost $AU 275 each.

Weight:  3.6 kg

The Kits contain:

Teachers Reference Books: 
(as described on our Bookshop page)

  • Astronomy and Other Seasons
  • Traditional Aquaculture
  • Traditional Villages

Childrens Study Group Project Books

  • Stars and Planets
  • Fishing
  • Villages
  • Counting and Seasons
  • Dictionary (Tasmanian Aboriginal Language)
  • Dreamtime Stories Booklet

Black Line Master Book containing:

  • Crossword Puzzles
  • Find A Word sheets
  • Maps showing geographical information
  • Quiz pages about Study Book contents
  • Comprehension & True/False question sheets
  • Word meaning sheets containing word picture frames
  • Multiple Choice answer sheets (Circle the answer)
  • Pictures for Colouring
  • Pictures for illustrating the subject
  • Direction sheets
  • Jigsaw puzzles and worksheets for colouring in
  • Word sound sheets for each book

Instructions for Use Of The Kit

  • Lesson Plans
  • Resource Information
  • Information sheet about the publishers

Teachers Kits currently being developed

A teachers kit suitable for secondary schools

We will soon be offering a teaching unit about dinosaurs (including Australian dinosaurs.)


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