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The Lia Pootah People

Today Tasmanian Aboriginal culture is wholly urban. All our Ancestors died taking our Traditional culture with them.  We have an integrated culture which components incorporates our Traditional past with our urban lifestyle.  A continuous heritage that extends unbroken through three ice ages into the mists of time.  The current estimate is sixty thousand years by some archaeologists.

We are urban because we were denied our Traditional Culture by the policies of the nineteenth century missionaries and governments who wanted to see us destroyed.  An extinct race solves all problems of land alienation.  All the Ancestors, both free and captured  died in shame, sorrow and pain forbidden to practice their way of life for fear of reprisals which could have been death, removal of their children or numerous forms of punishment. 

Our Traditional Cultural heritage is being rediscovered through the writings of the european invaders who recorded observations of the Ancestors, in journals and diaries and newspaper accounts. 

Wallantanalinany Lydidder (Southern country all around) is the Southern Traditional Elders Council for the Lia Pootah People.

THE ELDERS OF THE LIA POOTAH COMMUNITY believe that it is important to share our history and culture with all. Too many lies are still in existence about our heritage and our Ancestry. We feel that is is important to rectify the lies and modern myths, and thus set our Ancestors spiritually free.

About Our Community 

The Lia Pootah Community
We are Tasmania's unrecognised Aboriginal community, with a reconciliation agenda. Our Elders Council and a number of affiliated organisations make our community strong.

An Initiation Ceremony
In March 2000, the first initiation ceremony for 150 years was held in the Tasmanian Aboriginal community. Here is the story and pictures of this important event.

Behind The scenes
How less than 10 people wiped out over 10,000 Tasmanian Aboriginals - in 1996.

Our Petition. 
We are trying to regain our heritage. Our Aboriginal community is fighting to change the lies of history and show that not everybody was rounded up and removed from the land called Tasmania. This link describes the reasons for our petition to the Tasmanian government.

Current Events
This is a current events page which offers an insight into happenings within Tasmania’s two diverse Aboriginal communities. It contains editorials - articles - points of view and readers responses along the lines of an open forum.

Educational Services


We believe that there can be no reconciliation without education.  We provide a range of services that provide Information about Tasmanian Aboriginal people. 

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