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LOBABLOB is like a mix of golf, billiards, and bowling - only a lot more fun.

Fill your home with laughter as you try to land them onto the target.

Play with your kids, your friends, or your grandpa. All the family can play together - Even if someone is in a wheelchair.

It's easy to learn - kids work it out straight away. Adults take a few minutes longer.

Take LOBABLOB with you anywhere, and play it inside, outside or even in the water.

And you don't need balls to play - only BLOBS.

You'll lob them, roll them, and bounce them as you learn how to play like a kid again.


LOBABLOB is a bit like golf, except that you don't use a club, or balls, or a hole. It's also a lot more fun, and you can play anywhere - inside or outside.

To play the game with young kids, just throw the blobs around, rolling and bouncing them as you head towards the target.  Or forget about the target - just bounce them off the walls and the furniture, or just throw them on the floor.  You'll be laughing out loud along with the kids as the blobs roll, bounce, and spiral around in circles.

For competitive play with older children and adults, use the scorepad to record the number of throws (or lobs) that it takes to get the blob onto the target. You then move the target to a new location, and start lobbing again. Each stage is scored like a hole in golf - The person with the lowest total score at the end of the stages is the winner.

When you play golf, you go over the same course every time. LOBABLOB is different. After all players land their blobs on the target and have recorded their score, The target is picked up and moved to a new location. This can be in the same room, another room, in the bath, or somewhere outside.

Players then start lobbing their blobs towards the new location of the target.

The blobs can be tricky  little fellers - they don't always stop where you want them to. You'll sometimes swear that they have a mind of their own.

Controlling Your Blobs

Older players can have serious fun with LOBABLOB. With a bit of practice you can make your blob behave the way you want it to.

Here are some hints for getting your blob onto the target with a lower score than anyone else:

  • Lob it onto a hard surface so that it lands perfectly flat. and it will stop dead.

  • Roll it in a straight line on its edge to travel travel long distances 

  • Tilt it slightly as you roll it, and it will roll in an arc to get around obstacles

  • Bounce it off windows, doors, or walls to get around corners if the target is in another room. This is great fun and if  you get the difficult shots right, the other players will gasp in amazement. 

Try it - it's a lot of FUN!


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